Monday, November 14, 2022

 Who Is The Cheapest Online Fax Service? 

For small businesses needing a dedicated fax number, FAXtopia offers the best discount plan.

This basic service delivers faxes direct to your inbox. Once set up all deliveries are automated. This no frills, discount online fax company is a reliable provider. 

As an added security measure, (and to keep costs down) once a fax us successfully delivered we delete it and don't keep any copies on our server. 

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Monday, April 18, 2022

 Managing The Fax Flow 

In the early days, incoming faxes would to go to a general inbox where everyone would shuffle thru them looking for anything addressed to them. In real estate offices the sales people would go through them looking for leads they could steal. Personal financial information was freely available. Not really a secure system.

With e-mail faxes it's a bit more secure. If it comes into a general mailbox it can be forwarded to the appropriate person. However, they are still being read by people they were directly sent to. 

The ideal fix is for each person to have a private e-mail fax number. However, that can get expensive. A better approach is to have an online fax number for each department. 

Another innovation is the ability to have a fax delivered to two separate e-mail addresses. Then, the appropriate person can respond in a timely manner.  

E-mail faxes are still popular in the medical industry where they use HIPAA faxing

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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

 E-Fax Comparison 

The internet fax service industry is old, established, and very competitive. So, why is e-fax raising prices to their customers? Well, it's because they can. For one, they are the industry leader. However, another reason is that they have found a way to lock in their customers. Once someone opens an account and chooses a fax number, e-fax will never let them transfer that number away. Here's their standard response to anyone trying to move to a new, low cost fax provider:

"J2 Global rejects the LOA to port the fax number. j2 Global® is the customer of record for this number, and as such, we are rejecting the request to port this number out. We sell bundled services on our DIDs, and do not grant our users the right to port out the number we assign to them"

In the telecom industry, porting a number is a standard process. You can change your cell phone carrier and keep your number. It's the same in the fax industry, except for e-fax.

Here's a comparison of internet fax services


Monday, September 6, 2021

Senior Citizens Doing E-Commerce

If you see a group of seniors hanging out at a beach bar don't assume they are talking about knitting and their grandchildren. This group runs an online internet fax service from their home offices.

They know a lot about faxing as that was the crazy new technology in the 1980's that they worked with. Now, all these years later, they use that expertise to run FAXtopia. They are living the digital nomad life that some 'youngsters' dream of. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Fax Technology Is Not Changing

The basic technology is not changing. It's still a tone that gets delivered, but now to a fax server instead of a fax machine. I would have thought that the resolution would have improved over the years but it's remained a low resolution service. 

However, there is one thing that the old fax machines excel in; document security. Faxing from one machine to another machine is almost totally secure. It goes through the phone lines and nothing is left on a computer, server or e-mail account. The document is on paper with no electronic trail. Here's an interesting article that answers the question; Are faxes secure?

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Monday, December 7, 2020

 Transferring Away From e-fax

As their prices have risen along with support and billing issues, many people want to transfer their numbers away from e-fax and their sister companies including MyFax, Sfax and eVoice. 

Unlike other carriers in the online fax industry, they have a policy of never releasing a customer’s number or allowing them to transfer to a different carrier. That's how they keep their prices so high. 

What To Do ?

Since e-fax will never allow you transfer your number away here’s the best option. Sign up for the discount online fax service from

- Keep your current e-fax number active

- Sign up for a new # at

- Start replacing your published fax number with the new one

- Within a few months, you will be able to delete the old number